Arts and Sciences faculty panel demonstrates interconnection of disciplines

At the interactive panel discussion, “An Interdisciplinary Look at Outbreak Management,” on November 6, faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences teamed up to demonstrate the real-world integration of their respective disciplines. From their unique perspectives, including scientist, physician assistant, psychologist, mathematician, ethicist, and communications expert, each of the panel members discussed the ways in which seemingly unrelated disciplines contribute to the […]

Bryant IDEA 2020: Design Thinking for Good

Nearly a decade since it began, Bryant’s IDEA (Innovation and Design Experience for All) program continues to break new ground. Faculty practice what they teach, taking a design thinking approach to enhancing the program each year. For IDEA 2020, Jan. 20 to 22, organizers have added projects that will build and test students’ design thinking skills while […]

Faculty Sabbaticals advance scholarship and student learning

At Bryant University, faculty engage in a time-honored academic tradition known as sabbatical, a block of time that replaces teaching and service duties with a period dedicated to a new or ongoing project. Eleven faculty were on sabbatical during the 2018-2019 academic year. Read more about some of the projects they pursued including: Ancient Carbon Dioxide; Learning And […]

Faculty/student collaboration leads to research published in major finance journal

Research is about advancing knowledge in ways that matter. Powerful student/professor partnerships explore big ideas and discover innovative ways to navigate the world. One such investigation “Cryptocurrencies: applications and investment opportunities,” a ground-breaking article co-authored by A. Can Inci, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, and Rachel Lagasse ’19, was published in the Journal of Capital Markets Studies (JCMS). Their […]

Launching great careers well beyond graduation

Well before graduation, many Bryant seniors have already secured their first-choice jobs in a crowded and competitive job market. Through challenging coursework, support from dedicated faculty mentors, and an education that emphasizes real world experience, they are ready to thrive in their chosen fields. Accounting major Nick Parent ’20 says the adaptability he learned at […]

Innovative disruption starts early at Bryant

All colleges and universities in the United States face many challenges, including how to provide students with the tools to tackle challenges for businesses and organizations that might not exist yet. So, what sets Bryant apart? A primary differentiating factor is the faculty. Bryant faculty are accomplished scholars with industry experience and an unbridled, infectious enthusiasm for […]

Thinking beyond the game with robotics and AI

In Bryant’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics course, playing board games like Connect Four and Fox and Hounds has never been more relevant. Taught by Brian Blais, Ph.D., Professor of Science and Technology, the course tasks students with building “thinking machine” mobile robots that play to win and can autonomously defeat human opponents. Along the way, students develop […]

A student-faculty collaboration nurtures an intriguing IB research project

Sanjana Shah ’20, Crystal Jiang, Ph.D., and Kacy Kim, Ph.D., recently collaborated on a potentially groundbreaking research project—an investigation of the impact of cultural differences in storytelling using infographics. Kim, a Marketing Professor and analytics expert; Jiang, a Management Professor and Director of the International Business (IB) program; and Shah, an IB major, teamed up to design the study. Their […]