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Bryant scientists Hong Yang and Qin Leng report breakthrough discovery on world’s longest land surface temperature record

Science Professors Hong Yang and Qin Leng, working with an international team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Hong Kong, collaborated to report on the world longest (800 thousand years) land surface temperature record. Their article titled “800-kyr land temperature variations modulated by vegetation changes on Chinese Loess Plateau,” was published in Nature […]

Finance students gain edge as they prepare for valuable certifications—CFP, CFA, and CAIA—ahead of graduation

Bryant’s Finance program stands out among competitors for offering students the opportunity to prepare for important certifications before they graduate. The Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA®) certifications reflect the highest level of excellence and are the most respected designations in the finance and investment industry. Bryant’s world-class faculty enrich classroom learning with decades of real-world experience and […]

Honors Program students integrate learning in senior research thesis

Honors program theses give Bryant students the opportunity to integrate and synthesize what they’ve learned by exploring an issue though a long-term research project. This year’s Honors theses ranged from examining health care efficiencies to writing an original novel. “This is not only one of the most in-depth and intellectually rigorous projects our students complete, but […]

Pushing Innovation Boundaries: AI and Human-Machine Interaction

In their second TEA Talk about the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, President Machtley, and Finance Professor Hakan Saraoglu, Ph.D., discussed “Developing Human Capital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and how game-changing breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics and other fields will reshape the world. The transition, they suggested, has started – and we need to […]

RED19 showcases research, teaching innovation, student-faculty collaboration, and more

Research and Engagement Day, RED19, is happening April 17. One of Bryant’s signature academic events, RED19 is a dynamic display of how the Bryant experience creates innovative leaders and problem solvers. The year’s program features more than 75 sessions and involves more than 500 students and 70 faculty and staff through roundtable discussions, best practices sessions, […]

Ryan Brown ’17: From Bryant to scientific breakthrough thanks to Psychology Prof. Weinberger

In her Adult Development and Aging course, Professor of Psychology Nanci Weinberger, Ph.D., came to know Ryan Brown ’17 as an enthusiastic, engaged psychology major. The course became the foundation of a close mentor-mentee relationship that has since led to a bonafide friendship. Weinberger was elated to learn of Brown’s accomplishment as a second-year Ph.D. researcher at Rice University […]

Analytics without Borders Conference explores impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies

At the fourth annual Analytics without Borders conference on March 29, faculty, students, and industry professionals gathered to examine the future of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The purpose of the annual forum is to help train the next generation of data scientists. Information Systems and Analytics Professor Kevin Mentzer, Ph.D., was […]

Women’s Panels in science and technology spotlight important issues, opportunities

Bryant recently hosted two panels focusing on women in science and technology. The Women in Science panel, “Perspectives on Addiction,” a faculty-student collaboration with Science Professor Kirsten Hokeness, Ph.D., Psychology Professor Joseph Trunzo, Ph.D., and Colby Norris ’19, featured prestigious panelists representing multiple facets of science and healthcare focusing on how to combat addition. The Women in Technology panel, led […]