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Power of networking brings Kwesiga’s scholarship to the attention of U.N.

Last year, Professor of Management Eileen Kwesiga, Ph.D., set out on a yearlong sabbatical in Africa to conduct research on sustainable development and indigenous knowledge systems. In the process, she discovered a platform to raise visibility of stigmatized workers and to advocate for women’s rights at the United Nations. After speaking at the Phenomenal Women’s Conference in […]

A proud tradition, the Bryant Literary Review celebrates 20th anniversary

The 20th anniversary volume of the Bryant Literary Review, continuing a proud tradition, arrives this May. In addition to its role as a showcase for some of the country’s best writers, it provides an invaluable learning opportunity for its student editors, “giving them a sense of international culture and the pulse of real-time contemporary creativity,” notes Rhode […]

Netflix co-founding executive Mitch Lowe will keynote at Bryant’s Northeast Entrepreneurship Conference

Bryant’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) will host the 8th annual Bryant University Northeast Entrepreneurship Conference (BUNEEC) on March 2. A student-run event, BUNEEC is expected to draw more than 500 students from colleges and universities throughout the region. Keynote speaker Mitch Lowe, Co-Founding Executive of Netflix, CEO of MoviePass, and former president of Redbox, will share his […]

Behind Bryant’s No. 7 ranking for “Best Undergraduate Teaching” in U.S. News & World Report

When U.S. News & World Report asked top academic officers to name the schools with an unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, Bryant University came to mind time and time again. “Bryant faculty have a passion and love for teaching that’s evident in the classroom,” says Provost and Chief Academic Officer Glenn Sulmasy, J.D., LL.M. The University places a […]

Bryant IDEA ignited Marlee O’Keefe’s entrepreneurial spirit

It was Bryant’s IDEA (Innovation and Design Experience for All) program, the three-day design thinking boot camp for all freshmen, that helped Marlee O’Keefe ’19 of Mahwah, NJ, choose Entrepreneurship as her major. “In IDEA, you’re assigned a big problem and you have to come up with a creative solution. You have to do the big-picture work, […]

TEDxBryantU 2019 will explore the “Keys to the Future”

TEDxBryantU on Feb 23, 2019 will bring together 10 presenters, drawn from faculty, students, alumni, and friends of Bryant University, to share their ideas devoted to identifying “The Keys to the Future.” A student-run initiative that is independently organized by Bryant students and licensed by the TED media platform, TEDxBryantU provides the University community with an opportunity to […]

Empathy and journey maps help IDEA students walk in customers’ shoes

Proponents of design thinking, a method of human-based creative problem solving used by the world’s most innovative companies, say that empathy lies at the heart of the process. It’s such an important concept that workshops on empathy mapping and its companion piece, user journey mapping, were added to the curriculum of this year’s IDEA program.

Student mentors are a critical factor in IDEA’s success

Student mentors are a vital component in the success of the Bryant IDEA program, helping to guide first-year students through the design thinking process. The opportunity to teach what they learned from their IDEA experience reinforces and reinvigorates their own creative thinking.

Digital disruption, the focus of Inaugural Sales Symposium

Bryant University’s Inaugural Sales Symposium on Digital Disruption drew nearly 150 guests, including students and faculty from Bryant and other universities, as well as alumni and corporate sponsors. In his remarks, Provost and Chief Academic Officer Glenn Sulmasy noted that “it’s so important to hold events like this where we learn from our experts and ensure that […]